Example of sterile

A freeze at this stage can kill or damage the pollen-producing anthers, affecting kernel development and possibly causing the plant to become sterile .

According to the magazine report, new varieties of bananas cannot be easily produced as the plant is a sterile mutant.

As the experiment was designed to assess the effect of mating on female egg fertility, it was important to remove sterile females from the data set.

Because hybrid males are almost completely sterile , almost all eggs are unfertilized.

Before application of the dressing, the skin around the pressure ulcer was cleaned with sterile saline.

Crossing experiments and field observations have shown that triploid individuals are sterile and no fruits are produced.

Following a two-year pre-release sanitation programme in Zone 1, the first sterile moths were released in May 1994.

From here on my wicker chair it seems incredible that just short decades ago this garden was a dust-bowl, a sterile desert.

Good people worked for him, many of them doing their first-ever jobs in comics, but the material was generally sterile and lifeless, and it sold accordingly.

Heaven turned out to be a rather sterile experience of standing around on clouds.

Hester remains in Boston, and goes to live on a remote peninsula of the town in an abandoned cottage where the land is too sterile to support a family.

His tactics turned out to be sterile , dull and most importantly ineffective.

If enough females mate with the sterile males, the overall population should be reduced, thereby reducing the danger of human infection.

If that's the aim, it's a futile and sterile one.

If the king is impotent, the land likewise becomes sterile .

In October, researchers said that they had a male sterile bentgrass plant.

It is a genetic modification that makes the plants grown from the transgenic seed sterile .

It is a perennial forb that prefers dry, sterile , and sandy soils, often in dry, open woodlands, savannas, or clearings.

No, their consultations are done in the cold sterile environment of the autopsy room.

Personally, I have long ceased listening to either its presentation by the Finance Minister, or the sterile debate that follows.

Radio in this town is so sterile that young people are turned off by it.

Scientists now suspect that the harsh atmosphere made the soil sterile .

Suddenly, all my lavishly packaged concept albums seemed pointless, irrelevant, sterile .

The home grower is under less pressure and conditions are not normally as sterile .

The sturdy roots dug deep into unyielding rocks and drew nourishment from the seemingly sterile soil.

They will silence me, continuing onwards to their sterile and humorless future, wiping the world's mysteries into oblivion.

This means that when females cannot detect costly mates, the strength of selection on females increases with the frequency of sterile males in the population.

Turning nectar into honey is one of many tasks performed by the worker bees - the sterile females.

We don't think that would be a problem as sterile fish are not genetically manipulated.

Without dialogue and a lively sense of interdependence, both traditions will eventually die and become sterile .