Example of sharp-witted

Acerbic, sharp-witted and adroit at playing any instrument ever invented, he transformed the image of pre-mediaeval music from scholarly study to sheer fun.

As the sharp-witted Dana will observe in a later episode, Sarah wants to have things both ways.

Barker, however, retains the sharp, cynical eye of Wilde's writing, and the result is that rare creature: a period film that is both sharp-witted and good fun.

But the irony was not supposed to be hard-hearted or sharp-witted .

But, although it's undeniably visceral, in the end it's a sharp-witted study of sentimentalised violence and the use of language as a form of moral camouflage.

Eustache's dialogues are sharp-witted and astute, his characters larger than life from the start.

For all the digging and exposing and sharp-witted quipping the film offers, there's not a mean-spirited moment in it.

He was a sharp-witted guy, changing and drifting around girlfriends as much as he changed his clothes - maybe even a little more frequent.

He was a sharp-witted polemicist (as his press conferences with western journalists showed), but he used simple language, frequently making his point with references to the Old Testament.

He was very lively, sharp-witted , and perceptive about many things - yet he could also be bitter, cruel in his observations, and reckless in his behaviour.

Her elderly guardian does everything he can to foil her happiness but sharp-witted Figaro ensures true love triumphs.

I think there's a distracting absurdity about his music because it deflects you slightly from the fact that he's often very sharp-witted ; there are some very pointed observations within his songs.

If the meeting was supposed to occur in Germany, she responded sharp-wittedly , why would Goebel need false papers in the name of ‘Goller’ for entry into Switzerland?

In fact, this polite and sharp-witted man got into museum work whilst working as a boat builder.

It's a weak supposition - unworthy of the sharp-witted Miss Bennet.

On stage she is recognisable for her nimbleness, flirting and her typically feminine sharp-wittedness .

She has a perfect blend of butterfly softness and wily sharp-wittedness that makes her a force to be reckoned with.

She remains a formidable presence, still charismatic and sharp-witted after six decades of fame.

The sharp-witted reader will have seen the subtle problems this can give rise to.

The most important thing for you and me to remember as we share conversation with loved ones and friends is that we don't have to depend on our own sharp-wittedness or charms.

The opera tells of the adventures of a sharp-witted young vixen cub who defies all men who want to tame her to explore life for herself in the forest.

The story develops with the protagonist engaging in dangerous missions while sharp-wittedly picking up little clues that slowly propel him closer to his goal.

This sharp-wittedness , the keen social satire and timely cultural references keep the persona fresh and spontaneous.

Thousands of retail investors joined sharp-witted institutions in making millions of pounds from the short-lived collapse in share prices that followed the terrorist strikes in London on Thursday.

Unable to compete with the industry Goliaths in the areas of promotion, advertising, sales force, and recoverable losses, he had to rely on sharp-wittedness and timing.

Unfortunately, I must refer my sharp-witted fourth correspondent to one of my books for a detailed argument.

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