Example of learn

‘That'll learn you,’ he chuckled

Being younger than her I learned loads of things by simple observation.

Everyone gets more or less that same elementary education, learning basic history and to read and to do basic math.

He learns bucket-loads of information, including the brazenly anti-union pitches made by the various nations.

He adds that he is no longer a dreadful student, has letters after his name, and has learnt a useful lesson from his North Sea mishap.

He also observed the students learning an aversion to investigating patients' social and psychological problems.

He said he was shocked beyond belief when he learned that literacy students were having their course cut.

he's keen to learn

Here, a group of children are busy learning the basics of education these days through a theatre workshop.

I believe learnability is a very important factor of rhythm games.

I was sorry to learn that Peadar had died

it's never too late to learn

Just wait and see how mobiles companies will try to make us learn a numeric user name rather than an alphabetic one.

Many of the chants and songs I learned are soon to fade from campus memory.

Name by name, she learned them so that she could remember them later on when riding.

Neither does one want to waste time learning skills and information which will soon be as useless as hats for silt.

One way to tell a young soul from an old soul is to observe how quickly he learns karma's lessons in life.

She was in her early fifties and her death was learned of with great regret by all who knew her during her short stay.

The gifted apprentice attaches himself early to a wise teacher, learning the craft at his hands, six or eight hours a day, every day of the week.

The Leader of the House is saying that the Minister did not have enough time to discover on what date he learnt a piece of information.

Their author has evolved into a prose sophisticate, and clearly learnt some important lessons along the way.

There is likely to be a real zest for learning facts and information.

they have to learn that it's better to be honest

we learn from experience

We learned a large amount of information and did a mock theory test which has prepared us all for our theory test to get our provisional licences.

We explore the learnability of concepts from samples using the paradigm of sample compression schemes.

we'll learn the outcome tomorrow

we'll have to learn you to milk cows

when did you learn the news?

you'll learn!