Example of heads-up

‘It was a heads-up for everyone at the university’, says Holden, and these changes are part of the university's obligation to staff and students.

A crate-engine class would be based on a heads-up style of racing, which would eliminate the current horsepower and indexing adjustments.

And can we get a heads-up on when they're being applied and when they're not?

And I'd have missed it entirely if our architecture critic hadn't passed along a heads-up .

As if his one-out double, gutsy steal of third base, and heads-up jaunt home on a wild pitch to score the series-winning run against the Twins in the AL Divisional Series wasn't proof that the man can come through in the clutch.

As the date for the release gets closer, I'll have more details, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up .

Can anyone seriously believe that when the investigations began to happen, nobody gave the operatives a heads-up ?

For those of us who grew up admiring his brand of heads-up baseball, it's sad to watch.

I know you've mentioned Stephen's many bands on your site before so I thought you would like a heads-up , in case you weren't already aware.

I'm going to advance you into time and just give you a heads-up for what the future holds.

I'm struggling with it myself, but it probably is a good heads-up for us as a society, we need to watch over our kids, and, as a society, we need to watch over each other.

If all that mattered from a contrarian standpoint was the bullish reading, that would be a huge heads-up signal to buy with both hands.

It's a heads-up race when we go at it now, and I think the fans are really enjoying it.

Jimmy, motivated by his team's heads-up play, decided to really pitch.

Niklas is a heads-up hockey player who makes smart plays and is a great passer.

No handicap, no brakes and no breakout was the format here as heads-up racing made its long awaited return to the Super Stock contingent.

Recapturing those youthful powers in certain anatomical areas have landed them right back, smack dab, in the morass of their relationship problems… in which a heads-up of a different sort is called for.

Seven heads-up races were contested in Brainerd, all in the first four rounds.

Such a change, endorsed by many Stock and Super Stock racers, would increase car counts in each class and allow for more heads-up racing at events where class eliminations are contested.

Thanks to a heads-up from reader Fred Manzo, I've read Kurtz's piece - and there's not one damn thing in it I hadn't already read in the last week.

Thanks to Anita Campbell for the heads-up on this report.

Thanks to Damian Penny for the heads-up on this.

Thanks to multiple commenters below for the heads-up .

That's been fixed - and thanks for the heads-up , Steven.

The Lions reacted immediately, throwing the ball wide and, for the first time since the first match, playing heads-up rugby.

The popular Shootout competition featured heads-up racing among two categories of daring rodders in their pre-'64 drivers.

The security measures taken by the Capitol Police last week supposedly was in response to the orange alert, which affected the financial district, and we weren't given a heads-up on that.

This requires heads-up work with minimal false casts and cool line control.

Yet she insists that heads-up utilities will benefit greatly by such programs.

You can subscribe to their newsletter for a heads-up on new manifestos every two weeks.