Example of grammar

A tree corresponding to the Newick string was generated by our grammar .

All journalists I know correct a bit of bad grammar in an occasional quote, out of courtesy to the source and reader.

But if it's Jamie speaking, it might be purposeful because she's 5 and doesn't always use correct grammar .

Certainly very few women before the 20th century shared the education of men who learned their grammar and syntax from the classics while women picked up what they could of both from men.

Despite similarity in syntax, vocabulary, and grammar , the contemporary languages are mutually unintelligible.

Each of these languages features a highly inflected grammar .

Fluency with calculation is the basic grammar of mathematics.

I just want to apologize for my bad grammar , but I'm trying!

I plan on continuing with the online grammar / editing conferences next semester.

In fact, in 11 years of Ontario education, I have never been taught even the basics of grammar and sentence structure.

In my experience, few English teachers know anything at all either about English grammar or about linguistics.

it was not bad grammar, just dialect

No hyphen, no comma or anything - but I couldn't do that to you on the blog because bad punctuation and grammar drives me crazy.

Note again that the rules of Chomskyan grammar are intended to explain the ability and the intuition of the native speaker of the language.

OK, so the grammar 's awful, but the storyline hinted at in those few words could be fascinating.

Sal only ever resorted to the use of bad grammar and words such as ‘ain't’ when he was seriously hurting or stressed.

Standard English, with correct grammar , is spoken in formal situations.

the grammar of wine

The lesson here is that you actually need to have a pretty good control of descriptive grammar before you can intelligently engage in prescriptive grammar .

The vocabulary may be altering more quickly than ever before - but the underlying grammar and syntax remains essentially the same.

The youth press is, all too often, a place of bad grammar and inelegant sentences.

There is little in terms of correct grammar and pronunciation that listeners can learn from them.

They care about grammar , syntax, usage, denotation, connotation, etymology.

They must also understand the grammar of written music in order to express these sounds as symbols on paper.

This book actually contains two grammar books: a primer for younger children and a grammar for older children.

To analyse language and to define language disorders most linguists divide language into four domains: phonology, grammar , semantics, and pragmatics.

Try to imagine a world without language; a world where words, grammar and syntax suddenly become meaningless.

Use of these strategies does not result in better writing styles and more correct grammar , but it helps writers solve problems and discover new ideas.

What follows is a painstaking analysis of the grammar of war, the way an army thinks, and what happens to the cities the author has so beautifully described in his other books when they get in the way of generals.

While I agree that correct grammar is always a minimal requirement if you desire mutual understanding, I think that you are avoiding my point.