Example of eager

A questing man eager for new experiences, his first play has just opened in Sao Paulo.

All were extremely enthusiastic, and eager for everyone on the course to do well.

As Dr. Kramer sees it, a therapist should not be too eager to please.

At the agencies I was able to contact, I found that a lot of eager beavers had already filled up the slots in most of them.

Bridge leaned over and glanced at the maps with an eager expression on her face.

But Phil and his team will bring the plants back to sell to eager Swindon gardeners.

From the start, the enthusiasm and eagerness of the coaches had been nothing less than mind-blowing.

From this point she is only too eager to turn her talent and visibility into a full time career.

He reminded John of an eager child, desperate to please, to prove what he had learned.

He was approached half a dozen times by reporters, all eager for an interview.

I can understand that Blackburn are eager for a reply but I cannot give them my decision yet.

I know that young people are eager to find their ways in a more and more open world.

I like to broaden my educational scope from time to time… you know me, always an eager beaver for learning!

I was fascinated to watch her plying her trade to the many young girls eager for her wares.

Kit nodded and leapt to her feet, an eager expression appearing on her face as she did so.

Obviously they were unable to cope with constant handling by eager visitors.

People in urgent need of money and eager to make quick profits are lured into them.

People were so eager to vote that we had to bring in extra ballot boxes and thousands of ballot papers to meet the demand.

Pike doesn't know if she'll have a role, but she is eager for them to work together again.

Ryne flinched at the overly eager , overly loud voice that greeted his arrival back home.

The Leigh Centurions captain put eager children through their paces at rugby.

The others were eager for his works, which sold better than those of Rembrandt in his prime.

The overcast and misty weather did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the eager beavers .

They had an abundance of possession and the forwards worked like eager beavers .

This is the first visit of this well known fiddle player to this area and is eagerly looked forward to.

Tim sounded eager , and he bounced from his heels to his toes.

Time and again, Hendrie warned his side of the danger of being outfought by more eager opponents.

What is it that makes her so eager to please?

You let the phone ring twice before answering, lest you appear overly eager .

You respond to people eagerly , and your enthusiasm stimulates them to respond to you as well.