Example of cloddish

Alpha, the resident caveman, is played by Charlie Russo with the lumbering cloddishness popularly associated with prehistoric males.

But the transparency and cloddishness of such a sudden lurch insulted a large segment of the population.

Dumb, cloddish things are announced grandly, as though they were meaningful observations about the human condition.

How could anyone fail to conclude that compared with Riemenschneider, Rodin is a cloddish show-off?

In addition, we get the fiery, lovable Irish minister, some cloddish humor, and an ending that tries too hard.

In that moment, California didn't feel tall or cloddish or unfunny or clueless anymore.

It was a horrible bit of thuggery, to be sure, but the sheer cloddishness of the crime soon overwhelmed the outrage.

Jeppesen's Fru Von Everdingen, the rich widow who falls for the cloddish brother in Kermesse, was beautiful and stuck-up, but also vulnerable.

Lois could also be cloddishly insulting.

Most of the minor characters are well played, except for the crucial Miller, whom the cloddish Olek Krupa flubs.

Parker and Brett serve as a Laurel-and-Hardy-ish ongoing comic relief, grousing about the cloddishness of company policy and co-workers.

Sly has traded in his exploding arrows for a chocolate milk mustache, his waxy steroidism for cutesy cloddishness .

The beamed dining room, for example, is pleasant and proper, neither cloddishly rustic or oppressively smart.

The creature then proceeds to rear its ugly head in a few dimly lighted and cloddishly edited murder scenes.

The statement followed an apology he emailed to Colorado Media Matters, in which he called the original remarks a ‘point I cloddishly tried to make.’

Then of course it will be all out war between you and the cloddish next-door neighbors.

These cloddish white appropriations of hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass and dancehall are dis-spiritingly, missing-the-point funkless and morosely male.

This is all cloddishly written, though explicit in the extreme.

We know what you're thinking and we thought the same thing at first - holsters that trumpet themselves as ‘one-size-fits-all’ are sure to be cloddish compromises.