Example of brainless

And while seemingly well adjusted, Ruben too is dispirited, trading on the bodies and brainlessness of his fighters for a few dollars and the dream of the big time.

And with House Of Wax's combination of brainlessness and boredom, that's a truly scary thought.

Any brainless idiot can break something and any halfwit with a box of matches can start a fire.

As if making and receiving calls were not dangerous enough, I have seen some brainless drivers reading text messages at the wheel.

But it's hard to be motivated about a project you're really sick of, that's mostly brainless .

Churchy is a little too brainless to resist evil at first, though too good-natured to persist in it.

Don't succumb to the squealing demands of the noisy and brainless .

Even when they're labelled stupid and brainless , they receive the news with huge smiles on their faces.

For once they are not cartoons but people whose intelligence is pleasantly plausible instead of being a brainless plot device.

He's the stupid, brainless one, and I won't give him any satisfaction.

I smash my car in a completely my fault brainless bimbo type accident, and then I get to not pay for the repairs.

I'm all for brainless fun, but the fun got left somewhere behind here.

I'm going to go and read a brainless blockbuster instead.

If Ruby is the big sister of bimbo-land, we have a whole stable of younger fillies parading their brainlessness thanks to this TV channel which apparently feels that cricket is not sport, but entertainment.

It is easy to laugh - as I did, regularly - at the brainlessness behind some of the schemes documented here.

Look, if the boy is cute-as-a-button but brainlessly boring, stick it out through coffee.

Many assume we are brainless , archaic and ignorant brutes.

One character points out that he thinks that ‘Rat Race to me is going to be a mix of complete brainlessness and The Matrix.’

She didn't show the slightest discomfort at being flirtatious or coming across as a brainless bimbo.

Statistics are recycled brainlessly because numbers add a sense of false authority.

The decisions of the King will turn out to be more brainless , stupid, foolish, senseless, and imbecilic.

The film is filled with so many such ridiculous and brainless scenes that you've tuned off barely fifteen minutes into the film.

The series looks cool but is actually quite brainless .

These ‘demoralised’ pupils brainlessly deposit their rubbish on the streets daily, while the ‘demoralised’ staff, who must be aware of the situation, do little or nothing to stop it.

These people, most of them serious, brainless people with no sense of humour, have to think of an insulting nickname for me.

They're about the vulgar, grunting, brainless way in which these subjects are handled.

This reductive, brainless jingoism is just too weirdly, sadly topical.

This, plus an ending so brainlessly upbeat it looks as if it was borrowed from a different movie, makes The Bone Collector the least impressive release of the week.

Too many people quit after looking at two or three pages - brainlessly dismissive though this may be, it's rather less likely to happen with the printed version.

What better place to celebrate brainless caterwauling and noisy drivel?