Example of barrenest

As it stands, this site is barren of all such annoyances.

Battles took place anywhere from a street in a city to a barren field.

By contrast the prehistoric stones have been seen as male symbols of fertility with the power to impregnate barren women.

Caley took advantage in terms of possession but their barren spell in front of goal before this one continued.

Catriona Boyle and Joanna Kerr give advice on a plague of wild garlic and barren fruit trees.

Even if they loved each other very much, a man would be forced to divorce a barren wife due to the pressure from his own family.

For several moments, the group could only gape at the fierce, stark beauty of the arid desert landscape, the awesome power and majesty of the barren land.

He wanted it to bust out the front of his face, eat his whole body, rend him limb from limb and toss the severed remains of his body to the four winds of that bleak and barren place.

I hope I dissolve in it, consumed by the richness of all that could have been in this barren land marked by the distant and deep scars of many a past harsh summer…

In Act Two the barren Lady Kix, lamenting her childless and unfruitful state, is overhead by Touchwood Senior.

It totally made my day and I guess my barren spell was well worth the wait in the end!

Men had to be relocated in single sex hostels whilst women were left to eke out an existence for themselves and their children on barren lands.

Most of the land is flat, barren tundra where only the top few inches of the frozen earth thaw out during the summer months.

No doubt there is a spiritual egoism, built on barren ideas concerning oneself with no real practice behind them, that one can easily fall into.

No lusty bud nor curling tendril burst from the barren vine.

Now, of course their are material resources to be had in Gaul, and this provides a reason for conquest - for who wants to conquer a barren land?

Often times, the landscapes are bleak in the grayish washed out world of factories or barren landscapes of the indigenous lifeforms.

The barren trees looked on branches swaying in the breeze, unwilling to quite succumb to the cold but looking forward to their sleep.

The mere sound of the word ‘monsoon’ conjures up magical images of heavy rain rejuvenating and reviving a starved, parched and barren land.

The morning sun appeared above the Afghan village, the rays of golden light reaching out across the bleak and barren landscape.

The rest of Iceland is agricultural, rural, or wild - 80% of its barren land is unpopulated.

Then a village elder told the group that what Alwar really needed were people to pitch in with shovels and make ponds that could trap water in the barren land.

Time often blurs memories but I can't recall many times when Rush endured a barren spell.

Today, they are still extracting revenge and blood from a barren land that has been sucked dry by a despotic ruling class and its natural allies in Washington and Paris.

Very poignant - especially with families and tiny children cycling up the barren street…

We begrudge the colder weather, the barren trees, the short days.

Wednesday morning looked a bit barren of good fringe meeting debates, so I made my selections with difficulty.

What had promised to be a cozy stop for the night proved to be a wide, barren space with a few buildings forming a ring around the well and only a few unwelcoming people to populate it.

When you're not talking, you'll undoubtedly be exploring the extremely barren environments within the game.

Will it be again blamed when there would be severe environmental disaster after watercourse of river Brahmaputra will be diverted to irrigate Indian barren land?