Example of barmy

Actually, we thought he was a lunatic - quite literally: he went barmy when the moon was full.

As he was led away to the cells, Palmer swore and shouted: ‘What a waste of taxpayers' money - it's barmy .’

But the over-protective hothouse mentality is barmy .

Do we really pay people to come to such barmy decisions?

Doolittle in My Fair Lady, is back on more familiar ground in this barmy story, littered with Wilde's razor-sharp one-liners.

Feeling hungry having not eaten since breakfast, we had a Chinese meal for tea and watched Second Hand Lions which is a fantastic film about a boy growing up with his two barmy uncles.

From the barmily romantic ‘Just Like Fred Astaire’ to the anthemic ‘We're Going To Miss You ’, this is indulgent, swaggering and even survives Sinead O'Connor on ‘Vervaceous’.

He draws out great performances from his cast as well - Peter Kelly's barmy theatre owner and David Ireland as his bumbling nemesis being just two examples.

However peculiarity is a characteristic of all things Royal, not to say outright barminess .

I'm a total sucker for inspired silliness and non-stop, groan-worthy double entendres and barmily burgeoning plots.

If you were barmy enough to believe that the Commies really would infiltrate the corridors of power through brain-washing, then you were barmy enough to believe anything.

In addition, the unceasing soundtrack of light, R & B-influenced pop and mild-mannered rock is sending me slightly barmy .

It is putting up 26 candidates and, apart from a moderately sensible policy querying the wisdom of allowing the current system of postal voting to continue, it's pure barminess all the way.

No-one in Hollywood would have dreamed up anything so absurd, yet barmily delightful.

On his own return to the Tory frontbench, Mr Hague said: ‘I must be mad, actually, I am obviously barmy .’

Perhaps you should have little fiddly problems with a new property, but it should not be as barmy as this.

Sadly these are hard times, we must panic; otherwise David Blunkett's barminess will have been for naught!

That someone who is getting assaulted by their partner is prepared to put up with that because if they leave, the pet will receive the same treatment is slightly barmy , but understandable.

The CRS, in even more barmily chic outfits, were getting pelted with rocks.

Their policies are laughable - what's happening with the lake in front of the City Hall, how much were the consultants' fees for that barmy idea?

These are Tory Trotskyites who are quite happy that things should get worse, because they barmily think they will then get better.

They'd think Daddy quite barmy , and they'd be right.

This fabulously barmy show is littered with Wilde's inimitable razor-sharp hysterical one-liners and a delicious vein of black humour.

This kind of artful barminess takes skill and showmanship - something she has in abundance, along with knives, guns, deep-seated conservative attitudes and the most diseased brain since Krang.

This means their actions are likely to get more desperate, their logic more twisted, their conspiracy theories more barmy and their rhetoric more rabid.

This year, we had the additional joys of a barmy dog that hates fireworks - and goes slightly mental when they go off.

Those are the blokes so barmy , so psycho, they got turned down by their own national armies.

Through all our letter boxes this week dropped yet another barmy proposal dreamt up by DEFRA in response to the 1991 Nitrates Directive.

What comes across most powerfully in this sumptuous work is the wonder, variety and sheer barminess of mankind's perennially fruitless quest for a truly ideal home.

Whatever else he may be, Leishman is certainly an extrovert, and the barmy bard would turn up on Saint and Greavsie delivering slices of his home-cooked poetry.