Example of arid

After filming he headed for Namibia, wanting to be in a dry hot and arid climate after four months on a boat.

Almost all of the Act One numbers fall a trifle austerely - not to say aridly - on American ears, owing in part to the employment of Japanese instruments, melodies, and harmonies.

As the sun sets on a bleak plain in the arid Karoo region, the temperature plummets to below freezing.

Book releases, art exhibitions, theatre camps and more, holding out the promise of being a haven for creativity in these times of aridness .

By the way, Darwin was a naturalist and most would take his comments about Australia's limited prospects as relating to soil quality and aridity , and the subsequently smaller potential population.

Communities in arid climates often implement strategies for dealing with a lack of rainfall.

Ethanol has also been found to contribute to smog in arid climates due to its volatile nature.

For day after day south of Marzuk we saw nothing but stony wastes and sand dunes with never a blade of grass or bush to relieve the aridity .

From the arid climate of the Sahara to the cold wastes of Siberia, man has learnt how to cope in a wide variety of ways with the effects of the atmosphere.

Hemp grows in virtually all conditions from arid desert to more temperate climes.

his arid years in suburbia

hot and arid conditions

However, from Karadi to Dandi, the land is arid and the vegetation scrubby.

Human stories are more interesting than an arid study of theology.

In fact, she says, half of the water used in that arid climate is for lawns.

In the United States, such features show up sporadically in arid lands from New Mexico to Idaho.

Indeed, dry and warm storage frequently promotes after-ripening of seeds in species of warm and arid climates.

Intensive irrigation would reshape arid lands and revolutionize rural life.

It is an arid climate with a few registered inches of rainfall in a normal year.

Its feedstock is a special variety of rapeseed bred to do well in the arid climate of southern Colorado.

Next I'll tell you about my travels to the arid lands south-east of the great Kalahari desert.

Parris also seems to approve of the seemingly sophisticated but actually aridly semantic implied argument behind the phrase.

The arid climate makes the desert the best outdoor setting to keep planes free of corrosion.

The arid climate would easily sap the nutrients and moisture out of them.

The arid desert climate gets little rainfall, but the Rio Grande provides water for irrigation.

The arid land of this autonomous republic supports a nomadic lifestyle.

The bouncy tempo and scale-based riff are the sparsest elements on the whole album and after 40 minutes of extraordinarily dense arrangements the aridness is a nice change of pace.

The inhabitants are dependent on crop farming which is difficult in the arid land.

The lands of the Southwest, in their aridness , showed him concretely the underlying fragility of the land community, and the interconnectedness of its members.

The writer continues to investigate the ideas of care and love, but he also speculates aridly on the nature of literary creativity.

These findings are in contrast to earlier work that indicated an arid climate.

Yoga classes without this element seem to me arid and dull.