Example of answer

answer the questions below for a chance to win a holiday

answer the questions below for a chance to win a vacation

A warrant for his arrest was issued yesterday after he failed to attend court on Friday to answer a new charge of shoplifting.

All I needed was the answer to number thirty but she was selfish and didn't give me the answer .

All you have to do is answer the question below, indicating which game you would like to see.

And once you can answer that truthfully to yourself, the rest is easy.

Basically, there are several situations and the answer would vary in each case.

entrepreneurship is necessary to answer the needs of national and international markets

Finally, after writing her last answer , she put her pencil down and massaged her temples.

he didn't answer

he didn't answer the case

he said he would return to Spain to answer all charges

He was hauled before the Board of Control to answer charges over his behaviour.

He was unprepared and without an answer , and the situation suddenly seemed awkward.

I answer to the assistant commissioner

I didn't answer him

I got no answer to my last question

I hurried along the passage in answer to the doorbell's ring

I rang but could get no answer

I should have an answer tomorrow

I'd usually talk him round, but never answer back

If your inner geek needs a lift, International Rocket Week may be the answer , writes Rachel Devine

In this paper, I choose to answer the charge that I do not have an iota of proof.

It has been established to answer a national need for more doctors and will take 130 students a year.

it took her a long time to answer

Marius Wilson has not been served legal documents to answer the case against him in court

Mary resisted the temptation to answer her mother back

one couldn't argue with a parent; one couldn't answer back

she called Edward's house, hoping he would answer

she didn't answer her smile

she was in court to answer a charge of drink-driving

Steve was about to answer, but Hazel spoke first

the answer to poverty and unemployment is a properly funded range of services

the answer to the dilemma is hard work

the correct answer to the question

the dust mite has a lot to answer for, especially if you are asthmatic

the press called her Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe

The response centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer any need.

the visitors had no answer to our game

There may, of course, be situations where the answer may not be obvious and alternatives may have to be tried.

there was no answer to my knock

there was no answer to the letter Seán sent her

They have already, we note, calmly written their answer down some time before.

they made no attempt to answer their critics

this won't answer the problem

to give an answer

we want to get a straight answer

we're trying to answer the demand

Well, it means that the defendant to the suit is called on to make answer .

When you get an answer , acknowledge it before asking additional probing questions.

you didn't answer my email

you will have the police to answer to