Example of alignment

‘It's releasing these lines of tension in order to encourage alignment in the structures of the body,’ he says.

A few of them have even reconsidered their political alignment and are interested in joining up with the Ontario Party.

a firm famous for its liberal alignment

A standard optical alignment and fastening machine that can be used for all optical devices will greatly simplify automation.

An initial ‘dry run’ to ensure correct alignment before the automated cutting process begins at the plasma cutter.

Be sure that your alignment is correct and you work through a full range of motion with each move.

Even then, Bob not only failed to fix the convergence problem, he messed up the alignment so badly that circles on the screen looked like eggs.

However it only takes one bill for wheel alignment to bring about very slow driving over these bumps.

However, new techniques, approaches, or technologies can upset this alignment or change the relative influence of complementors.

However, to Bengio and Ozcan this relationship is not an alliance, but an alignment .

I would agree that road safety is compromised by excessive speed, but this takes its place along with other factors, principally, road width and alignment , and visibility.

In addition to the aforementioned considerations, proper body positioning and alignment are crucial to the correct execution of these procedures.

In installing the wheels, proper wheel alignment is important so as not to sacrifice the tires' life and hence, the car's ride and handling.

In other words, these deep-layer abdominals are designed to minimize motion of the torso and back and correct positions that threaten sound alignment .

In those elections, the Labour Party shrank again, in spite of its alignment with several liberal-centre political groups.

It is plain from the maps that in this intervening period the road alignment was altered in respect of the Castle Acre spur and the Pink Road.

It was a mile-long track, kidney shaped, roughly on the alignment of the present road circuit in a natural bowl, giving spectators wonderful viewing.

It will advise riders to check tyre tread every week and have the wheels balanced and alignment checked if the wear is uneven.

Just as a wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires, precise alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear in joint replacements.

Looking at the state of the roads, the council would have to guarantee a free wheel alignment to any Queenslander who dared venture down this way.

Most golfers assume that if their toes are lined up parallel to the target line, their alignment is correct.

Personal trainers that are worth their salt can spot poor alignment , correct it and make sure that you are doing the exercise properly.

Ribblesdale urgently need to look at mobility of their back row and their back line's alignment and organisation.

The modern road follows the alignment of Watling Street, along which Roman soldiers would have trooped on their way from London to Dover and beyond.

The new tyres and wheel alignment made it feel like a new car.

the tiles had slipped out of alignment

This option would use the existing Tramlink line from Croydon to Harrington Road and a new alignment is then proposed to follow the Network Rail track between Birkbeck and Crystal Palace.

This works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment which leads to a longer, leaner body.

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the car wheels so that they are perpendicular to the road or the ground and are parallel to each other.

When exercising with a stability ball, it's important - for both positioning and alignment - that you choose the proper-sized ball.