Example of absurdest

‘It's an absurd nonsense that Parliament should not sit for two and a half months,’ he says.

All of Cohen's characters are absurd , and they push people towards extremes on a regular basis.

Aside from Pharell and scores of absurd women, there were some great celebrities at the party.

But the principle is absurd and irrational as far as the international community is concerned.

By the end of the programme, it was athletes and fans who hung themselves in public with their own illogical justifications and absurd piety.

Do you even realize how ludicrous, how absurd , how grasping-at-straws you appear to the outside world?

Does it ever occur to people how absurd they sound as they debate the finer Zen philosophy of Super Mario Brothers?

He created an absurd and funny universe that, though ridiculous, always seemed real and sincere.

He plays the part of the semi-moronic, innocently brutal Quentin with as much conviction as one can muster for such an absurd character.

How can you just show up and make Peter's absurd behaviour seem like a harmless act from a naughty child?

However, it is absurd to place primary blame on the players for this situation.

In my endless pursuit of funny stories about Eskimo words for snow, I've found friends who will send me absurd comics about it, too.

It has become overpriced, overrated and overrun with ridiculous people who live absurd lives.

It was absurd , insane, and downright dangerous, but it was an idea.

It was that kind of day: a ridiculous number of substitutions, 19, and an entertaining but equally absurd amount of goals.

It would be absurd to blame Aristotle for his conceptual poverty: poverty is a lack, not a failing.

It's a good example of how absurd people can look when they try to appropriate to themselves a title they have no claim to.

It's an absurd ritual, and funny, yet his little trek affords a lovely view and brings him into contact with fellow passers-by.

Prime Minister John Howard says the comments are absurd and monstrous.

Somebody has to expose the absurd behaviour of the Feds and the media.

That is the sort of absurd nonsense that has been driving the other side of the debate.

The customers' terrified looks therefore appear in a somewhat absurd and comical light.

The embodiment of this absurd student reaction can be seen in the instances where students threatened legal action if their exams were not marked on time.

The kind of people who were supposed to be the last, best hope for defending freedom in the world were being portrayed as absurd fools.

The likes of me have given up having opinions about the monarchy: cruel to knock them, when everyone knows they're absurd .

The man is completely fearless, has a wildly absurd sense of humor, and is apparently a complete innocent.

This was the sort of absurd nonsense that I had painstakingly ignored all the years of my life, and it had finally come back to haunt me.

What could have induced such absurd behaviour?

What made him think of such an outrageously absurd idea I can't say for sure.

When that happens heads are going to roll even if it happens in such a way so that placing blame is absurd .