Example of absurder

‘Log’ is a pointless, absurd song, which makes me cry almost every time I hear it.

All of Cohen's characters are absurd , and they push people towards extremes on a regular basis.

And perhaps this is the source of the problem - for however correct or absurd Charles' comments are, he is really not the man to be making them.

By the end of the programme, it was athletes and fans who hung themselves in public with their own illogical justifications and absurd piety.

Charles' fears have rightly been ridiculed as absurd , but he is not alone in expressing such concerns.

He has been lauded as a solitary champion of liberty and censured as the absurd opponent of progress.

I gave her another shut your face look, muttered, ‘You're absurd ,’ and left.

In my view, his evidence is patently absurd , unreasonable, and not remotely believable.

It has become overpriced, overrated and overrun with ridiculous people who live absurd lives.

It is absurd to blame schools with high standards for other schools having low standards.

It was absurd , insane, and downright dangerous, but it was an idea.

It's like one of the rules of cross-examination - leave irrational and absurd answers where they lie.

Maltin wisely points out that, at the time the cartoon was written, these behaviors were absurd .

Running is an absurd sport, for absurd people.

She had to fight to keep from laughing at his absurd behavior.

Somebody has to expose the absurd behaviour of the Feds and the media.

Stupid people will still take this post as absurd arrogance on my part.

That is the sort of absurd nonsense that has been driving the other side of the debate.

The embodiment of this absurd student reaction can be seen in the instances where students threatened legal action if their exams were not marked on time.

The kind of people who were supposed to be the last, best hope for defending freedom in the world were being portrayed as absurd fools.

The level of outrage is absurd : it's front page news and questions have been asked in Parliament.

The likes of me have given up having opinions about the monarchy: cruel to knock them, when everyone knows they're absurd .

The man is completely fearless, has a wildly absurd sense of humor, and is apparently a complete innocent.

The reason I was attracted to it in the first place is because people are absurd .

The result is a mixed platter: Hilariously absurd one minute, farcically annoying the next, and damn surreal all of the time.

The sets were shoddy, the costumes gaudy and sometimes absurd , and the music inappropriate.

The taxi driver was complaining to them, about their rather absurd behaviour and making him wait the whole day.

To make excuses for such blatant stupidity is even more absurd .

What could have induced such absurd behaviour?

What made him think of such an outrageously absurd idea I can't say for sure.