Example of Shrewd

A shrewd businessman, he raised his fees to unprecedented heights - and his envious rivals followed his example.

Aside from sponsoring motor races, Gordon was shrewd enough to recognise the potential of the infant motor industry.

Businessmen will hire shrewd youngsters, who will help boost business.

General manager Danny Ferry made a shrewd move in signing the 32-year-old power forward.

He is a man of some tactical shrewdness and no discernible principles.

He or she may seem unprepossessing and even modest, but it's not difficult to discern that true inner shrewdness and tenacity.

He was a very shrewd , very sharp head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He was aware of the dangers and shrewdly calculated his option.

Her observations of people quickly gave her a shrewd idea of people's personalities and hence she could, for example, give friends advice on what to expect when associate with certain others.

However, he worked hard and his shrewd diplomatic judgement enabled him to help forge an alliance with France in 1717-18.

Immediately afterwards they were slain: the Spartans shrewdly calculated that these were the ones who presented the greatest danger.

In a press conference held in Melksham, the extent of his ill-gotten gains was revealed giving an insight into a man who the police describe as manipulative and a shrewd businessman.

Miller's round body and comeback saga make him a fan favorite, but he's neither quick nor shrewd enough to play quality defense.

Pitt made his way to power more by shrewd political judgement and sheer luck than by public acclaim.

Shumba was a fast fellow though and with a shrewd , sharp glance at Shanza he sat back for a moment.

Slaveowners claimed that their practices, unlike sharp and shrewd Yankee treatment of factory workers, were unprofitable.

So it apparently represents what he enjoys, but it may also reflect a very shrewd choice of career path in the future.

Success in such great affairs is not a matter of cleverness, or even shrewdness , but instead a matter of honorable conduct and mutual confidence.

Talking of money, the reporters were shrewd enough to know that there was an emergency allowance set aside for those deprived of their means of livelihood.

The shrewdness and sharpness of his proverbs and his forceful epigrams serve, in an exceptional degree, to make ethical ideas a popular possession.

The case cannot be literally proved, of course, but we have a shrewd idea of what can happen when such regimes are left to choose the initiative.

The great Democratic presidents were not merely shrewd enough to balance their domestic programmes with a proficiency at fighting wars.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that it was a shrewdly calculated move to buy credibility.

The movie presents her not just as ambitious talent; we also see the shrewdly calculating side that propelled her into the spotlight.

The sisters have already adopted a shrewd business move to allow children and their parents to learn together at the same time.

The time has been spent wisely and shrewdly - in bed reading, sending e-mails to friends and cooking.

This acts as another check on presidential power and a shrewd president will realise this.

Whether Gandhi made her move out of shrewd calculation or simple magnanimity, it was a political master stroke.

Whether it is calculated shrewdness or insanity is the question at the heart of the nuclear stand-off.

Your admirers and detractors alike have used these terms - an astute politician, shrewd , cunning - to characterise you.