Example of Irony

A tale of two cities, heavy with irony and laden with symbolism, was played out over the summer.

But did he know he would use irony to such clever effect even a moment before he began doing so?

But perhaps the most bitter and disturbing irony is that the best surf tends to arrive during the winter.

But the jokes, slang and heavy irony that make up the established banter of the building trade could be heading for extinction.

By this point in the movie, Banek can only laugh with caustic irony at this diatribe.

Expressing yourself through irony is the way to go these days.

His behaviour is a perfect expression of courtesy and good feeling with a spice of irony in it.

However, it soon dawned on me that these people were actually real activists, and their chants were not a form of deliberate irony .

I enjoyed your piece, Tom, I like contradictions, irony , humour and absurdities.

I was teaching a basic college writing course one summer at the local community college and I wanted to explain irony as a literary device.

In a case of savage irony , Yost ended up supervising the termination of many of the engineers he helped to hire.

In perfect irony , one of them was seen pasting posters on the pedestal of the Kamaraj statue to publicise an agitation in the city on Tuesday.

Irony, and metaphor as a form of irony , is a way to understand how the English language is used.

It involved the use of that very English form of expression known as irony .

It would be the final irony of this extraordinary affair if the fight were to be cancelled on the grounds that it could be a threat to public order.

Schlegel's Romantic irony was a reaction to the systematic thought of Kant.

The irony is almost too perfect: Malls are now being designed to resemble the downtown commercial districts they replaced.

the irony is that I thought he could help me

The irony is that the farming methods causing the drainage will result in their own demise, as they use up the topsoil and render the ground infertile.

The irony of that situation was that Stalin judged Hitler to be more rational than in fact he was.

The irony of the growing shortage is that in responding to it, China could soon find itself with too much capacity.

The irony was that Airdrie emerged from the match with one of their best results after one of their poorest performances.

The filmmakers used the city's motto ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ as the film's title with deliberate irony .

The final dialogue, Imperceptible, is a darkly humorous piece of irony .

The greatest irony of this case was that his wife was also a patient, presenting with insomnia due to shift work as a nurse.

The results are irony and sarcasm, and those are two things I try to avoid.

The second, appended to the first half with humorous irony , was apparently intended to mean what it sounded like.

Those who don't know him better could be forgiven for missing the irony in that expression.

With deliberate irony , they also echo corporate efforts at conveying information efficiently.

You can not express irony or metaphor effectively in ticker-tape speech.