Definition of youth


the period between childhood and adult age.

Minority youth are the most enthusiastic and prolific readers of all.

young people considered as a group.

Complicating the issue of national identity was the rise of a distinct and separate youth culture.

youth definition and meaning. What does youth definination?

Example of youth

  • youth culture

  • A pupil at Wright Robinson Sports College is recovering from a knife attack by a youth as he left school.

  • A second youth Andrew Hilton has also been given an ASBO and banned from the village in the evenings.

  • An affinity with Britain's emerging youth culture is already apparent in his debut feature It's Trad, Dad!

  • As I approach middle age I find maturity is best summed up as 40 is the old age of youth and 50 is the youth of old age.

  • At the minute we're the mainstay of youth culture.

  • Britpop was Trainspotting's main vehicle to integrate youth subculture into popular culture.

  • But as a callow youth and a shallow adult, I turned to the Flat and frankly didn't much care for the jumps.

  • Considering the youth of that second group, we'll call its members the Eager Eight.

  • He relives his childhood as a lonely youth whose only human contact seems to be his parents.

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