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withery meaning in Bengali

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Definition of withery


the practice of magic.

The poem recounts, with heavy tones and little irony, the kitschy mock-trial proceedings, in which an audience of tourists deems Bishop guilty of witchery .

withery definition and meaning. What does withery definination?

Example of withery

  • ‘With all the witchery of the South in her eyes,’ Bankhead delivered such a fine performance that ‘all indications point to a brilliant and rapid climb to a place in the theatrical sun.’

  • A serpent has stung me in my very orchard, an incestuous, adulterate beast born of witchery !

  • Could it have been some form of magic, or witchery ?

  • Directed by Stephen Bradley, and starring his wife, comedian Deirdre O'Kane, the story is of student Nathan, played by David Leon, who dies and is brought back to life via voodoo witchery by his mum (O'Kane).

  • I don't necessarily have a green thumb, but with my interest in kitchen witchery , I try to keep some herbs and other small plants growing.

  • I was exiled from my village when I was sixteen under the charge of witchery .

  • If you're being troubled by witchery , maybe you can go stay with Rob.

  • In witchery , the relationship between teacher and student is, to say the least, intimate.

  • In my eyes this was grand witchery of the same proportions as the zombification chronicled in my comic books, or lightning, or popcorn making.

  • It begins with an overview of witches and witchery .