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vow meaning in Bengali

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Definition of vow


a solemn promise.

When sober again he takes a solemn vow not to touch alcohol for 20 years.

dedicate to someone or something, especially a deity.

solemnly promise to do a specified thing.

He vowed to continue his appeal against an earlier decision against him.

vow definition and meaning. What does vow definination?

Example of vow

  • After marrying his wife Marianna in 1996, he made a second vow - that he would execute the first promise if anything ever happened to her.

  • Although the retreat will not make them monks, they will still be required to take the same strict vows, including no intoxicants and a vow of celibacy.

  • Among those annual commitments is usually a vow to become more deeply spiritual, more religious perhaps.

  • Campaigners have vowed to continue their fight to try to stop homes being built on part of a school site in Clacton.

  • Certainly some men who might make good priests cannot in honesty undertake a vow of celibacy, and so are lost.

  • Club bosses have vowed to work with police to keep the gun culture out of south Essex.

  • He has some excellent things to say about the importance of chastity, especially among persons consecrated to God by sacred ordination or by vows .

  • Herbert calls for all Christians to remember often their baptisms and baptismal vows .

  • However, he ventured to guess that no one would state that they wanted to give up the search since Alex had made it blatantly obvious that every word of their vow would be broken.

  • I have sworn a vow of silence on these matters.

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