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vocabulary meaning in Bengali

"vocabulary meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for vocabulary? What does vocabulary mean? vocabulary definition and meaning.

Definition of vocabulary


the body of words used in a particular language.

Soon the young language was not only standing on its own two grammatical feet, it also possessed the largest vocabulary of any language on the planet.

vocabulary definition and meaning. What does vocabulary definination?

Example of vocabulary

  • A visionary, she developed a new and wholly unique dance technique and vocabulary of steps and movements.

  • And though the movement vocabulary was unmistakably balletic, the visual appeal of the work may more often be associated with rock music videos.

  • But I venture that not even cricket has a vocabulary as wide and arcane as that of sailing.

  • But the dance also encompasses a vocabulary more referential to modern dance than to ballet: suspensions, falls, skips, and knee work.

  • EEC competition law requires its own vocabulary , carefully honed to express its own particular tensions.

  • Even children who have just learnt to spell words can play and sometimes their limited vocabulary becomes an advantage.

  • First, one must have a firm command over classical Arabic language including its vocabulary , grammar, metaphors, and idioms.

  • He compiled the vocabulary by taking words from English, French, German and Latin.

  • He is constantly discovering and adding new movements to the tango vocabulary .

  • His vocabulary , in German, was still largely that of a nine-year-old, to which had been added a set of fluent phrases and terms needed to do business.

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