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virgin meaning in Bengali

"virgin meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for virgin? What does virgin mean? virgin definition and meaning.

Definition of virgin


a person who has never had sexual intercourse.

It is an important confirmation of HPV sexual transmission that virgins are seronegative.

being, relating to, or appropriate for a virgin.

The corrupt judge who convicted her has tired of the usual monetary bribes that generally facilitate a quick release and demands a more elusive prize - a virgin maiden.

not yet touched, used, or exploited.

Both hemp and kenaf offer a sound alternative to virgin fiber, leaving the world's fast-disappearing forests intact.

virgin definition and meaning. What does virgin definination?

Example of virgin

  • A good choice is virgin olive oil, because it has not been heated, refined or bleached.

  • A myth in South Africa holds that sexual intercourse with a virgin can heal a man from HIV infection.

  • Carl and Lowell Skoog are blazing virgin trails in the backcountry's wild white yonder

  • Do you feel that rockets bursting to impregnate the virgin sky are gender appropriate?

  • Finally, all oils which are not first pressed virgin olive oils have been treated by a number of chemical processes which leave them not only with a different colour and consistency but containing toxins.

  • He advised consumers to buy virgin olive oil which has significantly higher levels of vitamin E than refined olive oil.

  • He went for the plum tomato, buffalo mozzarella and rocket salad with Parmesan shavings, basil and virgin olive oil.

  • I peeled back the cover and exposed the glistening nakedness of the virgin steel.

  • In the cold dark days before the dawn of the Kinky, its creator (we shall call him Andrew, as that is his name) was but a virgin in the fertile slopes of web design.

  • It begins with champagne and mini pizzettes, and also features Yamba prawns, Bangalow pork and local virgin olive oil and coffee.

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