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upstairs meaning in Bengali

"upstairs meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for upstairs? What does upstairs mean? upstairs definition and meaning.

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Definition of upstairs


an upper floor.

The victim went with the man to look at the water under the sink and he believes it was at this point a second suspect entered the open front door and searched the upstairs of the house, finding the money in a spare bedroom.

on or to an upper floor of a building.

They walked upstairs to the second floor to a room that was labeled 217.

situated on an upper floor.

Mrs Davies went to Mr Hamer's former home and found room after room, including the upstairs bedrooms, crammed with the minerals.

upstairs definition and meaning. What does upstairs definination?

Example of upstairs

  • A generous sun room leads off this, as does the teak staircase, leading to two upstairs bedrooms.

  • After a brief sweep of the main floor, Ally went upstairs .

  • An electrical fault was believed to have triggered the fire, which raged through an upstairs bedroom, causing the floor to collapse into the front room.

  • An overheated tumble dryer is thought to have caused the blaze, which spread from the kitchen to the upstairs of the rented house, at about 2am.

  • As a side note, I love the upstairs of most coffee places.

  • By late August, a large office was located upstairs on the fifth floor.

  • Chip was standing at the foot of the stairs, as the upstairs emptied quickly.

  • Each upstairs bedroom has a full en suite bathroom, with another half bathroom on the main level and another full bathroom on the lower level.

  • Fire officers are baffled as to the cause of the blaze, but believe the fire may have started either in the sitting room or an upstairs bedroom.

  • Firefighters rescued the baby from her cot in an upstairs bedroom.

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