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uninterested meaning in Bengali

"uninterested meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for uninterested? What does uninterested mean? uninterested definition and meaning.

Definition of uninterested


not interested in or concerned about something or someone.

Seven were uninterested , three left the area, three were working and two said they were simply unable.

uninterested definition and meaning. What does uninterested definination?

Example of uninterested

  • ‘The Constitution,’ he stated, almost uninterestedly .

  • A man with a walkie-talkie approached us, then two errant hounds frantic and uninterested in sandwiches.

  • And if the former Beatles were uninterested in their past, there was also the suggestion that the public were too.

  • Andrew Motion has been sounded out, but has declared himself uninterested at present while he remains Poet Laureate.

  • But if you're bored of the hype and uninterested in the gossip, there's always the music.

  • Freezing in her movement to crack her knuckles almost uninterestedly , her hair, long down to her mid-thigh, blew in front of her face and to the side with a sudden gust of wind, her face frozen in almost fear.

  • Government leaders seem uninterested or unwilling to commit to program changes and guarantees.

  • He is proudly uninterested in anyone or anything outside of his own limited experience.

  • He refused to answer the first student's question, citing, as I recall, his uninterestedness .

  • His gaze dashed uninterestedly through whatever he was reading then, quite suddenly, his back straightened, his eyebrows became furrowed, and he read very slowly.