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unintelligent meaning in Bengali

"unintelligent meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for unintelligent? What does unintelligent mean? unintelligent definition and meaning.

Definition of unintelligent


having or showing a low level of intelligence.

‘If this is evidence of design, it would seem to be of the unintelligent variety,’ Holt notes.

unintelligent definition and meaning. What does unintelligent definination?

Example of unintelligent

  • ‘If this is evidence of design, it would seem to be of the unintelligent variety,’ Holt notes.

  • A foreign policy that speculates and spies on enemies from afar has given rise to unintelligent intelligence, a profound ignorance about what is going on in the world.

  • Although I don't consider myself unintelligent or inarticulate, I don't tend to have the courage of my convictions when called upon to air my opinions.

  • Anticipation proved better than the debate itself, with its weak moderation and unintelligent , emotionally charged outbursts.

  • Even in 1935 they were being sent an ‘astonishing amount of illiterate and unintelligent writing’, but practised readers spent little time on it.

  • Farm labourers [in the Vale of Gloucester] are sufficiently numerous; they are noticeable as being simple, inoffensive, unintelligent , and apparently slow.

  • For memory, like everything else in the world, can be clumsily used, or unintelligently used, or used for false purposes or in bad faith.

  • He talks about her unintelligence when she is not around and has said that he went back to college so the relationship would ‘bleed out.’

  • I do not tolerate impertinence, nor unintelligence !

  • I don't think I'm encountering unintelligent people (especially in the case of the students).

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