unbecoming Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of unbecoming

unbecoming meaning in Bengali

"unbecoming meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for unbecoming? What does unbecoming mean? unbecoming definition and meaning.

Definition of unbecoming


(especially of clothing or a color) not flattering.

She went looking for him; found a man with an unbecoming moustache and eyes that stuck out ‘like a crayfish's’.

unbecoming definition and meaning. What does unbecoming definination?

Example of unbecoming

  • ‘Stop wrinkling your nose,’ Cate snapped, ‘It's rather unbecoming , Genevieve.’

  • After everyone is covered in paint (you wear an unbecoming white suit to protect your clothing), there is an opportunity for everyone to bash each other over the head with foam sticks.

  • But their persecution complex is unbecoming because it is unrealistic.

  • Do you not realize how unbecoming and unattractive these faux oxygen-sapping vocal inflections are?

  • Either choice is unbecoming of a judicial candidate.

  • Essential for wearing under spaghetti strap vests, it has banished the unbecoming sight of curvy women tugging up their strapless numbers.

  • From a practical standpoint, that's probably true… but there is something unbecoming all around.

  • Green with verdigris - not an unbecoming shade - and draped in robes, she holds in her hands two laurel wreaths.

  • Instead of using coercion unbecoming of a republic, the best way to help other nations onto the path of freedom is to lead by example.

  • IT IS POSSIBLE - though I am reluctant to believe it - that my advocacy of reading aloud proposes activity too idiosyncratic, if not actually unbecoming , for most people.