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Definition of turn


a melodic ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.

In the Romantic era, signs were still used for simple ornaments such as trills, turns , or mordents.

a shock.

a short walk or ride.

an act of moving something in a circular direction around an axis or point.

The turn of a key in the lock makes me jerk away from my heavenly memory and into my brutal reality.

an opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people.

The guys all came up to get thirds and Christopher offered to take a turn at the cooking.

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Example of turn

  • Adrian made a sharp turn with his wheel and got around Aziza, leaving her.

  • But when they see the accuracy of the position, we will see the turn of the tide.

  • Events in the office continue to take a turn for the surreal.

  • he has a witty turn of phrase

  • he was asked to do a turn at a children's party

  • He will turn wood on a lathe and tend the museum's medieval garden, which has plants for household, culinary and medicinal use.

  • However, the tide of the war takes a precipitous turn , forcing Riley and his commanders to take drastic measures.

  • I have a theory that this maybe a turn of the century thing.

  • I was saddened to find sloppiness in the steering, so that at low speeds one has to nudge the wheel rather than turn it.

  • If a company wants money from the city, then one of its top executives can handle a turn at the podium.

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