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Synonyms of turn signal


Definition of turn signal


a flashing light on a vehicle to show that it is about to change lanes or turn.

Some mirrors incorporate turn signals , some have approach lights on the bottom, while others incorporate power folding features.

turn signal definition and meaning. What does turn signal definination?

Example of turn signal

  • Be more meticulous about using turn signals , so that other drivers know your intentions.

  • Cars jamming the streets have LED turn signals , brake lights, and dashboard displays.

  • Do not hang your helmet on the sissy bar, turn signals or worst on the bike's mirror.

  • Found in this comprehensive online store, are high beam, superior quality Jeep headlights, Jeep fog lights, Jeep taillight and Jeep turn signal .

  • He flipped on his turn signal and turned into a parking lot designated Senior Lot.

  • He turned on his turn signal and stopped at a red light.

  • His fears quickly diminished as he spotted her in the rearview mirror flashing her right turn signal and pulling into the parking lot.

  • I hate it when people driving brand new vehicles never use a turn signal .

  • I silently agreed with my big drummer friend as I hit the turn signal and scouted for a good parking space.

  • I turn on the left turn signal , glance over my shoulder, pull onto the interstate, and accelerate, slowly, slowly, slowly to a reckless speed.