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tunas meaning in Bengali

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a cactus that produces tuna, widely cultivated in Mexico.

a large and active predatory schooling fish of the mackerel family. Found in warm seas, it is extensively fished commercially and is popular as a game fish.

The tuna I bought, for example, was two for a dollar.

the edible fruit of a prickly pear cactus.

tunas definition and meaning. What does tunas definination?

Example of tunas

  • tuna salad

  • As a rule, I avoid lumps of grilled tuna : it's fish for people who don't like eating fish, or just don't like eating.

  • Dredge the tuna in flour, patting off any excess.

  • I was mesmerised by the interplay of the tuna and sharks, fusiliers and jacks.

  • I'm back from the market where I've bought tuna fish , red snapper and some walnut halves - all good stuff.

  • In the morning he bought milk and bread, margarine, three tins of tuna fish and four newspapers.

  • In the tuna canning factories close to Mari Tere's shop some 60 women clad in white robes, work manually cleaning and putting anchovies and tuna in glass containers and tins.

  • Mix vegetables and water-packed tuna with fat-free mayonnaise or, for a different taste, mix with a fat-free salad dressing.

  • New studies still find fault with tuna fishing practices

  • Open-ocean travelers-such as whales, tuna and sharks visit the underwater mountains on their migratory routes.