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Definition of thrusts


a reverse fault of low angle, with older strata displaced horizontally over younger.

The low - angle normal faults are subparallel to the subjacent subduction thrusts .

a sudden or violent lunge with a pointed weapon or a bodily part.

He paused before delivering a powerful thrust that skewered the water creature beyond healing.

push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction.

Rae dropped his sword from tired, numb fingers, and he saw the Guardian's blade sail through the air as it was thrust at his chest.

the propulsive force of a jet or rocket engine.

The thrust of the turbo-jet engine was limited at high Mach numbers by the allowable turbine inlet temperature.

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Example of thrusts

  • A long bar with a library at ground level and bedrooms above thrusts out towards the street.

  • After repelling Oxford's more determined thrusts , City broke free from their shackles as a Richard Hope shot from 25 yards was deflected wide for a corner.

  • As they go into battle, simultaneous armoured thrusts will be launched from Kuwait and Turkey.

  • Being a diplomat's wife thrusts multiple roles on her and often she has to burn the proverbial midnight oil to catch up on unfinished work on the canvas.

  • Both strike-slip faults and thrusts , commonly at high angles, are present.

  • Burly Paddy, who's at the helm, suddenly thrusts a fishing rod into my hand.

  • Chiyotaikai, who was handed his fourth straight loss of the 15-day tourney, went on the attack in the penultimate bout with a barrage of arm thrusts .

  • Flying prey can be caught by the crocodilians leaping into the air with thrusts of their powerful tail.

  • For several minutes he ducked and dived under knife thrusts , but he was tiring fast and couldn't see how he could seriously retaliate, short of disarming the man.

  • Further detailed studies are required to distinguish Palaeozoic structures such as thrusts , normal faults and sutures that were reactivated in Mesozoic-Cenozoic time.