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Definition of thick


(of a liquid or a semiliquid substance) relatively firm in consistency; not flowing freely.

Once it has the consistency of thick cream, pour into warm sterilised jars.

(of a voice) not clear or distinct; hoarse or husky.

Her voice was thick , but alluring in some indescribable way.

having a very close, friendly relationship.

He seems very thick with him.

in or with deep, dense, or heavy mass.

The fog lay thick and cold over the countryside that morning, and inside the barracks it was pitch-black and silent, except for the deep, steady breathing of the gunners.

made up of a large number of things or people close together.

I turned off the paved road into a dirt track, snaking through the thick forest alongside a bubbly creek.

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Example of thick

  • ‘This isn't really a good time,’ she hiccuped in a thick voice, roughly smearing the tears from her cheek with the palm of her hand.

  • ‘Yeah, you left your bag in my cab,’ he says in a thick Brooklyn accent.

  • Adam's voice was thick and his pain-filled eyes met Ben's.

  • Cook for a few minutes longer until the lamb and zucchini are both tender and the mixture has the consistency of a thick sauce.

  • Currently the space for their father on the document is struck through with a thick black line as though he was unknown or the children illegitimate.

  • Far away behind the hill, at the edge of a thick forest, the brown water of a stream flowed rapidly.

  • Glycerin is a thick liquid with a sweet taste that is found in fats and oils and is the primary triglyceride found in coconut and olive oil.

  • He had a goatee and thick eyebrows that hung over dark eyes.

  • He quickly dressed in a thick sweater and jacket before walking out of his room.

  • He speaks with a thick south German accent that is difficult to understand, even if you speak German.

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