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a type of cloth or woven fabric.

France, and in particular Lyons, has been renowned as a center for weaving high quality textiles for more than five hundred years.

of or relating to fabric or weaving.

Produced in the Netherlands and Manchester, the brightly coloured and patterned fabrics are influenced by Indonesian textile design.

used by nudists to describe someone wearing clothes, especially on a beach.

The beach at Koktabel, in southern Crimea, has long been associated with naturism, and for many decades naturists have co-existed peacefully with the textiles who frequent this busy seaside resort every summer.

used by nudists to describe something relating to or restricted to people wearing clothes.

We felt quite at ease as the naturist section was a good distance from the main ' textile ' beach and as a result there were very few passers by.

textile definition and meaning. What does textile definination?

Example of textile

  • A number of textile manufacturers are marketing fabrics threaded or plated with silver, copper or stainless steel.

  • After graduating from the art school, Mori became a textile designer and dyer of kimono fabrics.

  • Almost all areas of the British Isles were home to local wool and textile industries, usually producing rough cloth for local consumption.

  • Breezes offers a nice 50-yard-long, soft-sand clothing-optional beach that directly adjoins the textile beach.

  • By the 1830s Australia was becoming a major supplier of wool to the British textile industry.

  • Goyor sarongs like many other conventionally made woven textiles , need plenty of time and patience in the making.

  • He shows us La Fuente with its maze of shops and its indigenous market, a veritable carpet of embroidered and woven textiles laid out in the courtyard sun around the fountain.

  • His family had for generations been in the textile industry, first in wool and then cotton, and had built up a major business in East Lancashire.

  • In textile industries daughters and sons of weavers inherited skills, and chose spouses in the same profession.

  • In his late textile designs, floral patterns of Art Nouveau fabrics sway in aqueous flotation.