terrible Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of terrible

Definition of terrible


extremely or distressingly bad or serious.

Rarely does television so sensitively and thoughtfully depict the terrible grief and pain of loss, with all its far-reaching and long-lived repercussions.

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Example of terrible

  • ‘He seemed to be filled with terrible hopelessness,’ she writes.

  • "You must have made her feel terrible , " he said.

  • A spooky black lady smiles, nursing something terrible in a parcel.

  • Alladi Jayasri writes about Gurudev, who reminds us of the terrible calamities waiting to punish us for our cruelty to Nature.

  • But he protested his innocence, and as he rambled on, Hera all the while smiled her terrible smile and stroked my flanks.

  • Everyone, especially the poor, felt the terrible effects of the famine of 1846 and 1847 with its suffering, death and destruction.

  • He said the arson gang were ‘sick and truly terrible individuals’ and condemned them and their families for laughing and joking during the trial, and when it concluded.

  • I also had a couple of ciders and that together with the bright sunlight most likely brought on the terrible headache that incapacitated me in the evening.

  • I mean, people say the trial is itself proof that things have changed, that there is a consensus that these were terrible crimes and that someone must answer for them.

  • In those first, terrible days after the storm and catastrophic flood, the poorest citizens were locked in a desperate struggle for survival.