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Definition of tension


apply a force to (something) that tends to stretch it.

The design called for the tendons to be partially tensioned before the roof was built.

mental or emotional strain.

There is, understandably, a great deal of stress and tension and pressure.

the state of being stretched tight.

The competing forces of gravity at the lower end and outward centripetal acceleration at the farther end keep the cable under tension .

tension definition and meaning. What does tension definination?

Example of tension

  • a mind which is affected by stress or tension cannot think as clearly

  • And learning how to release undue tension in our necks is one of the best things we can do to improve our overall functioning.

  • Exercise improves posture, aids weight loss, increases flexibility and relieves emotional stress and tension .

  • In both cases, the architecture and lights operate in tension with each other.

  • It's the electromagnetic tension field, not the power that stand for the interdimensional interaction.

  • Kids can sense emotional tension and shifts in mood and react accordingly.

  • Mental tension and physical stress are not needed when you are vulnerable and sensitive to pressures of any kind.

  • Mental tension can lead to constipation in some individuals.

  • One-minute breaks every 20 minutes or so can help relieve tension and loosen stiff muscles.

  • Peden's work helps shed light on the apparent tension between artistic freedom and mathematical constraint.