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Synonyms of tendril

Definition of tendril


a slender threadlike appendage of a climbing plant, often growing in a spiral form, that stretches out and twines around any suitable support.

Provide some support and the tendrils will climb up to the sky.

tendril definition and meaning. What does tendril definination?

Example of tendril

  • As usual, his hair was in tendrils that hung halfway down his face.

  • Each plant had from two to four tendrils .

  • Grasping vines, like grape, climb by grasping their support with tendrils .

  • He glowered and brushed wispy tendrils of white hair from his face.

  • Her hair was piled in curls atop her head with tendrils curling down softly and resting on her shoulders.

  • Her hair was the brightest blonde, and curled into silky tendrils .

  • His fingertips slid into the soft tendrils of her hair.

  • I slipped my left hand up into his hair, curling my finger around the tendrils of damp hair.

  • New tendrils and blossoms burst from buds on spring flowering plants.

  • No sun shone past the thick canopy of tendrils and leaves.