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Definition of temporize


avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time.

He has been temporizing , casting about for a strategy.

temporarily adopt a particular course in order to conform to the circumstances.

You cannot adopt a radical stance against terrorism abroad whilst temporising with it at home.

temporize definition and meaning. What does temporize definination?

Example of temporize

  • 80 years of temporizing , compromising, and finally giving in had yielded nothing.

  • Further temporizing with paramilitary and criminal activity will no longer be tolerated.

  • He came to see himself as a temporizer .

  • He finally grew impatient with his temporizing and commenced military operations.

  • He has been temporizing , casting about for a strategy.

  • He needs to be seen as a leader making bold strokes where others are temporizing .

  • He sometimes temporised , and did not always keep his word and fulfil the conditions to which he agreed.

  • He steered the US back toward the path of temporisation and appeasement.

  • He will probably try to do what he always has done: make no clear choice and temporize .

  • His strategy is to start with a bold measure and then temporize to pick up the conservative forces.

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