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Definition of teach


a teacher.

Everyone's eyes shift from the teach , Mrs. Stamos, to us.

show or explain to (someone) how to do something.

Phonetics is the way the children are taught to read and write in the Montessori method of education.

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Example of teach

  • Again, a reasonable guess is that some instructors might be prepared to teach some students this way.

  • Although most mosques have programs to teach children to read the Koran and memorize verses, the pesantren is unique because it targets small children.

  • And that, my redneck cousin, will teach you to mess with a town boy!

  • And, of course, think also of tax-supported schools that teach evolution as fact.

  • Colleges of pharmacy are changing their curriculums to teach students the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deliver pharmaceutical care.

  • Everyone's eyes shift from the teach , Mrs. Stamos, to us.

  • However, don't they always teach us to learn from our mistakes?

  • I teach two AP subjects and have a lot of trouble fitting in all that I would like for the course.

  • I have just posted up here some of the ‘Middle Eastern Studies’ that you will NOT hear about in most universities that claim to teach such a subject.

  • I suppose they got annoyed when they came in with a hangover and the teach kicked them out.

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