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Synonyms of tapping


Definition of tapping


the action of a person or thing that taps.

The sounds of my father's constant tapping against the floor were the only noise in the room, which made everything more terrifying.

tapping definition and meaning. What does tapping definination?

Example of tapping

  • "That's better," he murmured, the tapping of the keys masking his comment further.

  • A light tapping on my shoulder interrupted my inner diatribe.

  • As I opened the door, I felt a tapping at my shoulder.

  • But as soon as she saw what the tapping was, she grew irritated.

  • He heard a light tapping on his door, and he buried his face in his pillow, shouting, "Go away!"

  • He knocked on the door from which came a soft tapping .

  • He woke up to the sound of Birdsong and the faintest sound of tapping on a keyboard about two rooms away.

  • I felt a tapping on my shoulder and turned around.

  • I noticed him stealing looks in my direction every few seconds and I realized that my squirming and tapping was annoying him.

  • It was the familiar loud thumping of the Captains as well as the softer tap tap tapping of his boots that made such the welcoming sound as the two blew into the dinning room.