tangle Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of tangle

Definition of tangle


a confused mass of something twisted together.

He pushed his fingers through the damp tangles and twisted the ends with his fingertips.

any of a number of brown seaweeds, especially oarweed.

So the rocks were uncovered now, which seldom tasted the air, and the stems of the great oarweed, or tangle , which grew from them, were bent into a half-circle by the weight of their broad leathery fronds, as, no longer buoyed up by the sea, they lay trailing on the sands.

twist together into a confused mass.

She was tangling the phone cord with her index finger.

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Example of tangle

  • 60 mins: they get in another tangle down on the touchline.

  • a tangle of golden hair

  • a ploy to tangle matters even further

  • Again, either way it is quite easy to anticipate an enormous tangle of legal disputes if this proposal were adopted.

  • Akin to the Rapunzel character in the classic Grimm fairy tale, the long tresses of this 12th class student from Kollam nearly got her into a serious tangle .

  • All of that creates a further unnecessary tangle , and potential extra costs in terms of time, money, and compliance for both a staff member and an employer.

  • All she wanted was to sleep for a week or so and then try sorting out this catastrophic tangle of events.

  • An entirely natural extract, it is based on seaweed or tangle , widely available around Scotland's shores and islands.

  • At one point, to try to help me understand the whole tangle , he pulled out a piece of scrap paper - a flyer announcing a picket of a new fashion store.

  • Chapter 3 examines the confused tangle of existing and proposed pipelines, which is far too complex to summarize here.