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Definition of synthesis


combination or composition, in particular.

synthesis definition and meaning. What does synthesis definination?

Example of synthesis

  • But it requires some chemical synthesis , which is in progress.

  • But, the Thomistic synthesis is indicative of tendencies within the western intellectual tradition.

  • Ethylene is only one of the many petrochemicals used for the synthesis of other compounds.

  • Every synthesis becomes a new thesis, which becomes the target of a new antithesis.

  • Factors regulating fatty acid synthesis and controlling total oil content in oilseed crops are still poorly understood.

  • Friendship with connectedness tended to support the process of therapists' synthesis of their personal and professional selves.

  • Hydrogen transfer reactions play an important role in transformations in organic synthesis .

  • In addition, there is growing recognition of abiotic organic synthesis in various geological materials.

  • In contrast to iconography, the iconological method proceeds from synthesis rather than analysis.

  • Indeed, many of these steps have been demonstrated for the synthesis of juvenile hormone.

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