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Definition of syndicate


a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

The furthering of agricultural settlements financed by joint-stock companies, syndicates , and individuals symbolized the beginning of a conceptual triumph over the long-standing tradition of piracy.

control or manage by a syndicate.

We syndicate stores for retailers, which have fixed-price as their model.

syndicate definition and meaning. What does syndicate definination?

Example of syndicate

  • a crime syndicate

  • A written business plan may also help you obtain bank financing, expansion, bring in partners or syndicate a horse.

  • At any rate, its campaign against me included flash-floods of e-mail intended to shut down servers at my newspaper and my syndicate , as well as viruses aimed at my home computer.

  • But there are cheaper ways of ownership, such as joining a syndicate .

  • Despite Say Florida Sandy's age, Downey has hopes he can syndicate the hard-knocking horse.

  • Firms syndicate risks in the design, development, production and distribution of healthcare products and services where profits are indicated.

  • He said the suspect was a member of an international drug syndicate .

  • His syndicate declined to publish the second of the two columns.

  • I'd write one review, which I would syndicate to local newspapers all over Britain.

  • In addition, lenders are now able to issue more debt without needing to syndicate to other banks.

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