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Definition of swell


(especially of a part of the body) become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid.

The liver, spleen and lymph glands can swell with leukemia cells.

a full or gently rounded shape or form.

Her gown cuts down so low behind her he can slip his hand beneath the silken material to cradle the soft swell of her buttocks.

a mechanism for producing a crescendo or diminuendo in an organ or harmonium.

Staring with ‘Rolls and Waves of Ignorance’, Herren produces a song based on a series of orchestral swells , a smooth saxophone, and a gently plucked bass.

a person of wealth or high social position, typically one perceived as fashionable or stylish.

a slow, regular movement of the sea in rolling waves that do not break.

And since such vessels are not usually subjected to heavy swells and waves, the container stacks need not even be stowed in a secure cellular structure.

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Example of swell

  • Blown under the porch roof by the wind, snowflakes alight on Beth Durand's curly brown hair, and on the pale rounded swell of her cheeks.

  • Cut to close-up of red, corn-syrup-stained hand opening to reveal said coin as violins swell with sadness.

  • David is a swell multi-talented guy and it was a pleasure to finally meet him.

  • During a major swell , surfable waves might break beyond the ends of the rocks.

  • During most of the 18th century the forced enlistment of vagrants was also used to swell the ranks of the army.

  • From here, looking back across the choppy river, there is the best view of Greenwich, with the twin halves of the Royal Naval College, and the green swell of Greenwich Park behind.

  • He could feel her eyes upon him from beneath her veil, forcing his heart to swell with the thought that she loved him enough to accept his marriage proposal.

  • He looked at her, dwarfed by the immense bed, and suddenly felt a huge swell of protectiveness overcome him.

  • Her heart seemed to swell with tears, but none cam though her eyes.

  • I don't think there was ever a broad swell of support for his campaign.