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Definition of suppose


assume that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge.

I suppose she assumed I would bust into tears again at any moment.

be required to do something because of the position one is in or an agreement one has made.

We were supposed to find out on Friday, but for various reasons they weren't able to get the information to us.

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Example of suppose

  • suppose he had been murdered—what then?

  • And now suppose that, given the right introduction to jazz, you actually liked it.

  • Continuing with my hypothetical example, suppose that this test were ordered for thirty percent of the American population.

  • Finally, suppose that we hypothesize that there are races, and that the correct racial classification has a certain form.

  • First, suppose we are conducting an appraisal of a policy to introduce a tax on nitrogen fertilizers to reduce nitrate pollution in sensitive lakes and rivers.

  • For the sake of argument, let's suppose that we have a pile of cash that we can sacrifice for some noble cause.

  • I suppose at some point we need to start thinking about decorating the nursery.

  • I suppose I better leave it here tonight and let sleep work on it.

  • I suppose she assumed I would bust into tears again at any moment.

  • I suppose the boy had assumed that I would be frightened off by now, but I didn't want to give him that satisfaction.

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