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Synonyms of supine


Definition of supine


(of a person) lying face upward.

A supine figure lay motionless under a stack of blankets.

a Latin verbal noun used only in the accusative and ablative cases, especially to denote purpose (e.g., dictu in mirabile dictu “wonderful to relate”).

failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence.

The same spirit of unimaginative incompetence and weak compromise and supine drift will paralyse trade and business and prevent either financial reorganisation or economic resurgence.

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Example of supine

  • A supine figure lay motionless under a stack of blankets.

  • A supine man is roughly dragged off like a carcass.

  • Below each of the two buildings lies a supine male figure, with feet at left and head at right.

  • But I feel the most sincere gladness that the charge of supineness can no longer apply.

  • But when it came to ‘policing ‘the franchises, the Arts Council proved utterly supine .’

  • Characters speak in unison, repeat phrases obsessively, deliver lines supine on the floor, break up sentences illogically, or mumble sotto voce.

  • Eventually I found myself lying supine on top of one of those dilapidated benches between the lockers, pretending to sleep.

  • From my point of view, it seems I'm lying supine on some sort of a bench or table.

  • I lie, sweaty and supine , upon the damp bedclothes.

  • I think it is tragic that we are now at the stage that we expect our politicians to lie to us, or at least not to tell the whole truth, and when this behaviour is confirmed to us, we accept it, supinely . ‘Ah,’ we say, ‘it was ever thus.’