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a parasol, awning, or other device giving protection from the sun.

The long east and west facades are sheer, made mainly of glass and overlaid with ‘T ‘shaped sunshades .’

sunshade definition and meaning. What does sunshade definination?

Example of sunshade

  • Although internally mounted shades and blinds reduce the high intensity and heat content of direct sunlight, the most effective sun control device is the exterior sunshade .

  • Because Dallas's street grid is angled 45 degrees from north, so too are the openings in the sunshades which reveal differing amounts of sky and create differing patterns as you move around.

  • Broad rimmed hats, avoiding work in the mid day sun, sunshades and tinted car windscreen and windows, are measures that reduce the ill effects of sunlight.

  • Cantilevered roof screens act as sunshades for cantilevered terraces whose oblique-angled walls are constructed with the same screening.

  • Concrete sunshades are not only useless, but damage the building by splashing rainwater over the walls.

  • Darwin noted that lowering the brow provides a natural sunshade , and indeed people do frown when they are in bright sunlight without sunglasses.

  • For ventilation and flexibility in shading, roof panels and sunshades can be opened and closed electrically.

  • Four hundred tons of white beach sand has been spread across the shore, with palm fronds and bright sunshades offering a cool shelter to the revellers.

  • He is attended by a nude servant who walks behind, holding a sunshade in his left hand and a small staff in his right.

  • In Korea, a well-insulated oversailing roof with two layers of timbers separated by an earthen blanket provided the essential sunshade .

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