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Definition of suggest


put forward for consideration.

Accordingly, I do not think the approach suggested by either counsel is particularly helpful or indeed necessary.

suggest definition and meaning. What does suggest definination?

Example of suggest

  • All these products are promoted with an élan that suggests high profit margins.

  • But I want to emphasize that the communications we have had with customers strongly suggest otherwise.

  • But London has to act on any feedback which suggests its efforts are being scotched north of the border.

  • Consensus trees should be interpreted with care as they may not be the most parsimonious hypotheses suggested by the data.

  • Each zone also suggests which types of cardio best attack your problem areas.

  • He denied he had suggested to the children putting the stickers up in school.

  • He does however believe that it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that God has always existed and always will.

  • Horses, I suggested to him, always seemed far more enigmatic than dogs or even cats.

  • However, the signals did not move from the area close to his home, suggesting it was either discarded, or that Robert was near by.

  • I suggest that we wait a day or two

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