Definition of substantial


concerning the essentials of something.

And even if we had convincing evidence that these interventions worked, they still raise substantial ethical concerns.

of considerable importance, size, or worth.

It has now emerged that police believe Mrs Cooper kept a substantial amount of cash in her home, which along with some prescription medication was found to be missing after her death.

real and tangible rather than imaginary.

Throughout the NCP process governments have fronted difficult issues and implemented sometimes tough reforms because the gains to the public were real and substantial .

substantial definition and meaning. What does substantial definination?

Example of substantial

  • A substantial amount of research examines the prevalence of drug use among offenders and contributes to our knowledge on drugs and crime.

  • A more substantial meal is available in the guise of lamb cutlets in a plum chutney jus served with couscous and vegetables, for men who just won't eat quiche.

  • A postmaster has described his horrifying ordeal as he was threatened at gunpoint by three masked robbers, who escaped with a substantial amount of cash.

  • As well as the restrictions regarding supervision and time, the law now insists that a substantial meal be served at the function.

  • At least one suspected armed robber was left behind by his partners in crime after a substantial amount of cash was stolen from a South Yorkshire post office.

  • Cafés and cafeterias serve open-faced sandwiches with cold meats, smoked fish, or cheese as well as simple but substantial meals of meat or fish and boiled potatoes.

  • For the nominal charge, individual cubicle rooms are provided as well as three substantial meals a day.

  • He forced her to open the safe, took what police have described as ‘a substantial amount of cash’ and left the hotel, passing one of the cleaners who was coming in.

  • I had lost substantial amounts of weight and was down to a size 6 because I was running on nervous energy.

  • In the mood for something other than a sandwich or jacket potato, however, we chose more substantial meals from the specials board.

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