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Definition of sterile


free from bacteria or other living microorganisms; totally clean.

Use of correct procedures for transporting items preserves the qualities of the sterile and clean environment.

not able to produce children or young.

the disease had made him sterile

sterile definition and meaning. What does sterile definination?

Example of sterile

  • A freeze at this stage can kill or damage the pollen-producing anthers, affecting kernel development and possibly causing the plant to become sterile .

  • According to the magazine report, new varieties of bananas cannot be easily produced as the plant is a sterile mutant.

  • As the experiment was designed to assess the effect of mating on female egg fertility, it was important to remove sterile females from the data set.

  • Because hybrid males are almost completely sterile , almost all eggs are unfertilized.

  • Before application of the dressing, the skin around the pressure ulcer was cleaned with sterile saline.

  • Crossing experiments and field observations have shown that triploid individuals are sterile and no fruits are produced.

  • Following a two-year pre-release sanitation programme in Zone 1, the first sterile moths were released in May 1994.

  • From here on my wicker chair it seems incredible that just short decades ago this garden was a dust-bowl, a sterile desert.

  • Good people worked for him, many of them doing their first-ever jobs in comics, but the material was generally sterile and lifeless, and it sold accordingly.

  • Heaven turned out to be a rather sterile experience of standing around on clouds.

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