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a car with a longer body than usual, incorporating a large carrying area behind the seats and having an extra door at the rear for easy loading.

They cram into a station wagon - their equivalent of a muscle car - and head out on the highway.

station wagon definition and meaning. What does station wagon definination?

Example of station wagon

  • A man in a white station wagon began harassing one of Sakia's friends.

  • About fifteen minutes later, a station wagon pulled out in front of the farm.

  • But the Signum has a larger backseat while the station wagon has more cargo space.

  • He packed us all in the station wagon and drove down to this little corner and put me on top of a mailbox.

  • He successfully negotiated the station wagon through the sharp turn.

  • I believe the public never got over the station wagon they just don't like that name.

  • In 1991, Tata Motors introduced a station wagon and later a sport-utility vehicle.

  • Is there anything worse than being viewed as a Chevy station wagon ?

  • It filled up the trunk and back seat of our station wagon .

  • It's just amazing that a station wagon can pack so much sizzle and excitement in its look and stance.