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Definition of statement


a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing.

The research questions are answered in sequential order, with a clear statement for each question.

statement definition and meaning. What does statement definination?

Example of statement

  • a carefully structured musical and dramatic progression from the first statement of this theme

  • a joint statement on the treaty was released by the two governments

  • A monthly statement shows customers how much they have borrowed and what borrowing facilities remain.

  • a tattoo can be more than just a fashion statement –it has potential medical value

  • Amir also chooses to ignore the clear statement at the top of every comments page.

  • But the couple's agents released a joint statement yesterday, confirming the pair have separated.

  • Each member receives a monthly statement showing either a debit or credit balance.

  • Even in chamber music, Beethoven always found a voice for the monumental statement .

  • he made a very strange statement about her

  • I reported this to the police and I made a statement describing the events.